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Archive for April, 2010

The Winds of Change – Part 2

Posted by jujuintexas on April 22, 2010

Hey Guys!

Well, nothing better than a whole evening of homeworking to get a little pressure off by writing some stuff going over my head.

Here we are, the 22nd of April 2010 in Austin, Texas. I was looking at the date and suddenly came aware : WHAT? Has it been 3 months and a half that I’m here ALREADY?

Yes, so is the truth. Days are flying by, minutes just evaporating, wiping out everything, except from great memories. And boy, do I have a lot from here!

I can still remember this Thursday, 6th of January when I first set foot at Austin’s Airport. Unlike what my traveler’s soul could tell people, I was really frightened. It is the first experience on my very own for such a long amount of time, in a totally different country.

As weeks passed, Austin has become my second home. The lifestyle is truly amazing, the weather terrific, life is cheap, and classes are interesting and fun. But the reason why it has become such a memorable experience is the friends I have made here.

May they be Europeans, Americans, Mexicans, and whatever else, they mostly helped me getting used to the culture, enjoying time here, and not feel too much the burden of missing the loved ones back home. Of course, you still have one of those days where you miss your family so much that you feel depressed. But the good thing about this town is that you will NEVER be alone. There’s always something going on, somewhere to party, and someone to share experiences with.

7 weeks away from my return back in France, I can’t help but thinking that at some point in life, we all need to accept the change. One of the classes I’m enrolled in, “Consulting and Change Management”, has been an astonishing asset through the course of this semester. I have learnt a lot about others and myself, about our ability to change and the apparent reluctance we might have.

My conclusion on the topic is that any change, whatever it is, has some good into it. You might be fearful, threatened, incredibly scared about having to change your habits, adapt to a new environment, get out of the comfortable life you’ve built yourself, and go out and grab an adventure. I feel like this trip cannot embody more perfectly this statement. Seeking this exchange program was in itself the beginning of the journey. And the same way you cry as a little kid when your parents leave you at school for the first time in your life, but don’t want to leave once you’re used to it, this is pretty much how I feel.

I plan on living these few remaining weeks at their fullest, get every grasp of life and breath of fresh air possible. I want to make this change worth of being told for the years to come.

The first (I would say TREMENDOUS) step to this feeling of change was a dramatic haircut I decided to have. Judge for yourself :

Diego, Me, Jake and Truls out in the Texas Country

I think this is the ultimate proof that I AM NOT RELUCTANT TO CHANGE! haha.

This is getting late, and I want to save some stuff for my next post. Y’all have a good night…



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The Winds of Change

Posted by jujuintexas on April 11, 2010

Hello Hello Everyone!

Well, what is there to say? It’s been almost 2 months (Whaaat?) that I haven’t post any entry to this blog, so bear with me if I can’t shorten all I have to say in a readable post… For the fiercest and most adventurous of you, you are welcome to follow this thread until the very last word!

Let’s start with Spring Break. And OH, what a time I had with my dear friends Truls and Jorrit. The three of us embarked on a journey that will remain at least memorable, if not unforgettable. On a beautiful, sunny morning in Austin, we flew over to San Francisco, where the sun had just decided to take a break and where huge thunderstorms were taking place.

At that very moment, you can imagine our faces (We left Texas’ weather for THIS?). But for the next three days, we were blessed with great weather, temperature, and astonishing experiences. Among them, being caught on tape for the next Axe Commercial (those who want to hear the story will have to inquire!haha), eating our first True American breakfast in the States, Parading for Saint Patrick’s Day, Seeing the Golden Gate and Alcatraz, eat the most fantastic burger of all times… There are so many things I want to say that I can barely all lay them down here. But if there’s one word to sum up all that went on there, it would be OUTSTANDING. It truly was.

Showing our manliness at Pier 39

The next step of our trip was “Fabulous” Las Vegas. And yes, we decided to book a room at the Bellagio! We entered the famous hotel with a gasp of wonder, and excitement. It was as beautiful as we expected it to be. So amazing that we almost wanted to contemplate the room and never touch the perfect set-up that was waiting for us. Followed 2 nights that were magical! On the first, we pulled an all-nighter and went from casino to casino, where the atmosphere of gambling took on us. Of course, as most people in Vegas, Jorrit and me lost what we bet, but we certainly had fun, and that’s the most important. Second night? The Show “Jersey Boys” (brilliant, by the way) and “Lavo”, the famous Palazio nightclub. This was a night to remember.

Did I mention M&M’s world? Truls and I were drawn like little kids to these huge pipes that displayed our favorite candy. No need to say that my jeans were tighter when I came back…haha.

Don't pretend you don't want to taste it!

The incredible trip doesn’t stop here though : I came back to Austin for a day, but flew back to New York to meet my lovely girlfriend. We had a blast in the big Apple. It’s insane how you can feel the city’s heart beating. Like a ticking clock, the streets “will make you feel brand new”, like the song tells it! As we say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here it is!

NYC Love!

After this, Helena joined me for 2 fantastic weeks in Austin. Gym, tanning, working, studying, partying… We had a pretty busy schedule and before we knew it, she already had to leave back to France. But she repumped my batteries and I gave me a dose of love I can sustain on for the next couple months I’m staying here!

Ever since she left, a lot of studying and working out – again. Richard, a canadian friend of mine, came to visit me yesterday night, and we had an AMAZING night. All of our international group met downtown to what was probably one of the greatest nights in Austin so far! Simply loved it.

I’m getting tired and this post is getting too long : The only thing I want to conclude on, is the title of this article : You will know why in the next episode… with evidence! haha.

See you very soon

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