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A True Frenchman cannot survive without good bread

Posted by jujuintexas on January 26, 2010

Does it need to be clearer?

If anything in the world is hard for a Frenchman abroad, it’s certainly coping with the different food habits that people from foreign cultures have.

Needless to say that for the cheese and bread amateur that I am, America is not treating me well so far. Pasteurized Cheese? Processed Bread? HAVE THEY LOST THEIR MINDS?

For the cheese, yes I do have alternatives, even if they are really costly. A camembert can cost up to 7$, doesn’t quite taste the same as our good old back in France, but still, that’s better than the fluffy, tasteless cheddar or swiss cheese that they have here.

For the bread, unless you have a car, it’s quite an adventure to get some. Wholefoods is about 20 minutes away by Bus from my apartment, and I don’t see myself go bread shopping for an hour!

So I simply decided to get it done here, at my place. I love to make baguettes. There is no such feeling as making your own, as you taste the fruit of your own expertise (which is the lowest ever in bakery skills still). So between two readings, I modeled the dough and let it raised, until I baked these little babies. 1st trial with American Flour and Yeast led to something like this :


It may look good to some people, and they tasted quite good! However, the aesthetic is definitely not what it’s supposed to be, and I’m sure my French friends can testify!

So I decided to show Luke, my fellow Australian gourmet how we do them. Made a second try yesterday and it looked definitely better :


These ones, fresh out of the ovens, delighted the palates of Jorrit, Luke and myself. I’m now so obsessed with making bread that I am undertaking making a dozen and freeze them to enjoy them anytime!

On this night, we went to eat at the Trio’s House some burritos. It was so good! Chipotle is tasteless compared to what Truls, Reuben and Jorrit achieved! haha.

Fresh and Homemade!

Cooking Adventures are going well in the U.S! I’ll upload some of Luke’s pictures too, mouth-watering!

PS : This is also a message to my mother to let her know that I EAT ENOUGH! haha


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