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How To Become A True Texan

Posted by jujuintexas on January 22, 2010

Hello everyone!

It’s been a little while since my last post, but I got an excuse : I had absolutely no internet connection at all! 1 week of pain and 2 hours on the phone with AT&T later, I finally enjoy the convenience of reaching the world at my place. (Fingers Crossed!)

It has been a very dramatically enjoyable, exciting and delightful 2 weeks that I’ve just been through. To be quite honest, I was expecting the cultural shock any moment and for now, It hasn’t shown up yet. On the contrary, I got accustomed pretty fast, thanks to the incredible people I’ve been meeting all around campus.

Let’s talk about the Welcome BBQ and Midnight Rodeo Night that took place last thursday. Imagine about 100 international students gathered around fresh, smoked meet, daring to share their personal cultures with everyone. I must admit that from the outside, it looked a little overwhelming. You can be as outgoing as you want, it’s just not that easy to socialize when you hardly know anyone!

However, the night took off rapidly and the crowd was so loud that we had to shout to talk with one another. Here’s a little pic of my favorite Australian, Dutch, Indian and Norwegian Friends :

Luke, Juju, Truls, Jorrit And Aakash

We were then driven by Dana to the midnight rodeo, a place where you’re supposed to experience the perfect texan night out! And boy, what a night! Probably one of the funniest so far. With a huge dancefloor in the middle, locals were dancing on country songs that you would just not imagine! We certainly got to learn some nice two-step and… well, there was some R&B so we just unleashed our smurfing spirits to rock the place!

Texan Extravaganza

It was a very fun night out and we all came back home with great memories. One of the funniest was probably the beverages : If you wanted a Rum and Coke (Cuba Libre for the aficionados), it was 1$. But to get a Diet Coke (which I got), it was 2$! Paying more for something less… That reminds me of a great Gad Elmaleh Sketch!

I wanna keep this post short enough so that it’s readable for you guys. I have lots of stuff to write on so get prepared for the next post, probably tomorrow!

See you then, – Juju

PS : Pablo, I missed you there! You would have loved this… haha


One Response to “How To Become A True Texan”

  1. myke said

    2 $ le soda tu savoure chaque lampée lol

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