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Live from Austin, Texas!

Posted by jujuintexas on January 11, 2010

Hey Everyone,

For those who don’t know me, you can learn more about me in the “about” section of the blog.

Well, let’s say I’m very excited to start writing my fantastic to-be journey in Uncle Sam’s in this blog. I hope that you will learn more about this gorgeous, often criticized state which is Texas through the eyes of a foreigner. And believe me, the eyes of a French man are very critical when it comes to the American society.

Good thing to start off, the eyes. The national anthem of Texas is called “The eyes of Texas”. It’s a short, 1 min long song which is very moving when a whole crowd sing it along. Skeptical? Take a brief look :

Although it’s not my first time in Austin (I’ve been there for a short week-end in August ’09), what struck and keeps striking me the most is the allegiance of the people to the longhorn. It literally is the mascot of the state! And it looks like this :

At the university I’m enrolled in (Called UT), Burnt Orange and White are the official colors. It’s amazing to see how many people feel proud about it and are dressed from head to toe in these colors.

Besides all these culture differences (which I will talk about as I discover them), there is one thing that sucks about student’s life, and that’s ACCOMODATION! Gosh, it just is a pain. And with a temperature below 0° celsius, no car nor gloves, it can rapidly become hell. However, I was blessed to find an amazing deal and live nearby campus (about 4 blocks away from it). It’s large and comfortable, and I shall enjoy living into it.

Oh, before I finish this post as it’s become way too long for a first post, I just want to relate a few things about the people I’ve met so far. On the international students orientation day, I had the pleasure of meeting boys and girls from all around the world (Brazil, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia…) and we’re all getting along great. I think the best part about being by ourselves in a country we barely know, is the ties we create with friends.

And this is just the beginning! See you tomorrow with more exciting news!


One Response to “Live from Austin, Texas!”

  1. Allyson said

    Bonne idée le blog pour suivre tes pérégrinations, on attend les photos !
    Alors everything really is bigger in Texas ? :p

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